Video types to add to your Content Marketing

Video types to add to your Content Marketing

Content Marketing aims to create precious contents for audience. Your audience should be attracted and engaged with your content. Now, Video Marketing is in trend. So, there are many favourable circumstances to offer video content to the audience. These videos should be purposeful, perfect to grab audience’s attention, create trust and make up their minds to purchase your product fast.

You can create your YouTube channel, then keep creating Videos and upload on your channel following steps in my previous posts, and then can embed those youtube videos in your content to get good exposure. Here are different video types to add to your content marketing –

Explainer Videos – 

Explainer Videos are also known as Tutorial videos. These videos help to facilitate tough concepts in your customer’s mind. Explainer videos are capturing for themed query, which are in search results. These videos are easier than trying to get ranking through common organic. Explainer or Tutorial Videos are short and informational videos, which are just 2-4 minutes long. Explainer Videos literally explain about your product, how your product or service is useful to solve customer’s problem.


 Educational Videos –

Sometimes, when people face problems and find the solution of their problem, but they don’t know which product or service can solve their problem. Educational Videos are perfect to promote your products or services. These videos are informational to make audience understand, how your product can solve their problem. Everyone wants to learn new things. If the audience is searching for new information, Educational Videos offer real information.


Animation Videos –

Animation Videos are short, fun and strange. These videos provide optical and touching provocation. Through these videos, you can create your brand. Animation Videos are best for those businesses, that have complicated products and are difficult to describe. Animations have a wow factor, that prepares your videos memorable. There are ideal for business presentations.


Product Review Videos –

Product Reviews are most helpful to assure your viewers that your product or service is best. Products reviews are necessary in product marketing. Research says that 60% of consumers admit that they make decision to purchase any product after watching its review video. Therefore, Product review is base in the world of product marketing.


Webinar Videos –

Webinar Videos are real-time, because people can see you live. May be you don’t have any idea, but you are already creating this type of video.These are user-friendly videos which you can suggest to your viewers. There is nothing to lose on webinar videos but so much to gain. In this video, you can ask questions to your customers about the product, who have used your product. You can also ask for feedbacks and suggestions.


Testimonial Videos –

Testimonial videos can create trust. They can be used to showcase the characteristics and qualities of your product. You can create any contest or event for customer reviews, because you can not write yourself. Testimonial video is the best way to attract customers. A website who has number of testimonials, will lead more and grow more its sales than other websites, who don’t have testimonials.


Personalized Videos –

Personalized Videos are about personalization. What product gives people happiness and which brand provides them a personal touch an audience feel special. You can add personalized videos at the bottom to grab that purchase. Customers’ tastes, habits and preferences can be added to these videos.

After creating Videos, You need to edit those videos to make it more professional and enhanced using these softwares then you can use these videos in your business or upload to your channel.

These are the video types to add to your content marketing to make it perfect.

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