Steps to make YouTube Videos

Steps to make YouTube Videos

Do you wanna know, how to make YouTube Videos? Look, it’s not so hard. As you know, YouTube is the best way to share movies with the people. But to share your movie with the world, you need to have an account and channel on YouTube. As we have told in our previous article, how to create your YouTube Channel. Now we are going to tell you about how to create videos for youtube.

Step 1 – Get Footage

The first step is to get footage or making a YouTube Video. It should be original, created by your Phone, Camera or Webcam as well. Make sure the recording should be clear, so your audience can hear it with the least disturbance. The uploading Video should be yours, it doesn’t contravene known copyright.

Step 2 – Edit the Video

Editing in a video is not compulsory, but it’s good if you do. It make your videos more easy to follow. In your videos, most of the portions you don’t want or want to edit. If there is any portion of the video not good,  no need to reshoot the part. There are many Video Editing Softwares to make your videos more compelling. I have written a post on good video editing softwares you can use.

Step 3 – Export the Videos

The next step is to export the videos to YouTube. YouTube is a social network site, which accepts only best quality and resolution size to make YouTube videos. If your video has high quality, it will be good for uploading on YouTube. On the other hand, smaller videos will upload fast. YouTube supports MP4, WebM, WMV, AVI and others.

If your video is not in any of these formats, you can use any video file converter, which are free of cost. YouTube works with 16:9 prospect ratio video player. Although, any other sizes also work but they will have some black boxes to ad-lib that incorrect ratio. You can upload a file in YouTube, which has maximum size 128 GB. This is really a big size and most of the people don’t face any problem with this.

Step 4 – Create a YouTube Account

Before uploading a video, you need to hold a YouTube account and your Channel with Google. If you are using any Gmail or Google account, you can create account on YouTube with the same account information. After creating YouTube account, Create your YouTube Channel.

Step 5 – Upload Video on YouTube

After completing these 4 steps, In next step you are prepared to upload video, you created. Sign in into your YouTube account and upload your video by clicking on the upload button. The uploading may take some time, if your file is in large size. You can list the rest information like title, keywords etc, till the process complete.

Step 6 – Edit Video on YouTube

The next step is to edit video on YouTube. YouTube video Editor splits the videos, you upload. It also adds captions. There are so many free audios, which you can join with your videos.

Step 7 – Share YouTube Videos

After uploading your video, last step is to share your videos with friends and family. You can use videos to promote your business. You can either share by emailing or inserting on your blog. If you want, You can also keep your file private. To share your videos, just copy its URL and paste on the website you want to share on. You can also share numerous videos at a time.

You can also embed these uploaded youtube videos into your content to get more exposure to your content.

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