How to create YouTube Channel for your Videos

How to create YouTube Channel for your Videos

Once you have created your videos for content marketing, there is a question how to upload them on YouTube? Well, you need to create your channel for this. If you don’t know how to create YouTube channel for your videos, let’s read this article…….

Before starting the topic let me just brief you about points how will you move forward step by step through Video marketing-

It doesn’t require more time to create your own YouTube channel. Following steps will help you to create YouTube Channel for your Videos..

Step 1 – Go to YouTube and Sign in

First, you will have to go to YouTube and click on sign in option on the right side. As you know YouTube is possessed by Google, so you need to sign in to your google account first. If you don’t have a Google Account, you can search for how to create Google account. And once you have signed in, jump to the next step.

Step 2 – My Channel

In next step, you need to click on the arrow in the right corner at the top, the “sign in” button is there. After that, click on the “My Channel”.

Step 3 – Name your Channel

After creating Your Channel, you need to decide your YouTube Channel’s  name. You may choose any name of your choice or also can choose by default name. If you want to choose your choice’s name, you will have to click on “to use a business or other name” button. The name you selected for your channel should be relevant to your videos. It means if you are going to upload videos related to health and beauty, your channel’s name should not be technology related.

After filling the prescribed fields, click on “I agree” and then on “Done”.

Step 4 – Quick Tour

Once you complete filling options, you will come on your page. Then you will look an option in the right corner at the top of the page “Take a tour of new Channel”. It will help you to edit your channel with many options.

Step 5 – YouTube Settings

Once you complete the whole process, go down in the menu and click on  “YouTube Settings”. You can create here custom URL of your channel. It may be an advantage to promote your channel. You can have it on the business cards or any other items, which is easy to remember. To create your channel’s URL click on “Advanced” button.

Now, click on the button “Create Custom URL”. Your channel’s URL comes afterwards “User” in the URL. So choose it wisely. Sometimes, you are not able to get the exact URL you want, just because it has already been taken by someone else. So, you can add any word before it. For instance, if you want your URL YouTube/User/MaxHealthAndBeautyTips and it is already taken, you can add “Watch” or “Here” before it. So URL will be YouTube/User/WatchMaxHealthAndBeautyTips.

After complete it, click on the create channel URL.

Now, join your YouTube Channel to social media account. Click on “Connected Accounts” option under account setting option on left hand side of the page. You can join your YouTube channel with your Twitter and Facebook account. Whenever you will upload any video on your YouTube channel, a status will be created on your social media accounts.

After that, click on Privacy button just under the Connected Accounts button. Once you maintain your privacy, click on Email under Privacy button. Edit Email Notifications Setting.

These above are the steps to create YouTube channel for your video.

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